Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting Ready For A New Year!

I just arrived home from a week long vacation to Florida... It was an interesting week...

The first day we get there, the day before Christmas Eve, I made the silly mistake of venturing into the mall... I bought a gorgeous pair of Nine West shoes, but the mall was insanely packed.

Then on the way to my cousin's house, my cousin, little sister and I get into a car accident. We were stopped at a red light and the other car slammed into us.

We spent the night at the ER getting X-rays, we are all fine, but my back definitely still hurts.

I took pain killers and pretty much slept through Christmas eve, but not before getting all dressed up.
My Nephew Matthew and I getting ready for Noche Buena!

We spent Christmas Day at my Aunt's house, I got makeup and clothes.  And forgot to take pictures.

 Since, most people were either sick or sore from a certain car accident, I spent most of the trip just hanging out with my nephew.
And I got my Michael Kors watch!

Horrible picture of my beautiful MK watch. 
15hrs later, and we are home! Ellie and Lolly slept most of the trip

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