Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall Wishes!

Since my last wish list post, I have only managed to get my hands on the (500) days of Summer Soundtrack, which I must say was amazingly awesome! I just love leaving it on repeat on my computer. But, I still don't have my necklace or my new OPI colors. I am waiting for Modcloth to restock the necklace... I want it badly!

But, school has started... that means that I cannot wait for it to be fall. It has been so hot walking, no trekking across campus to all of my classes. I can't wait for some cooler weather and to be able to wear cooler weather things. 

First I have a selection of shoes. I have never actually owned a pair of boots, so my goal this fall is to get me a pair. I have picked three of my favorites so far.

- Kelly&Katie. Jillian Leather Ankle Boot. Brown. @ DSW $59.90

- Kelly&Katie. Jill Leather or Suede Boot. In Cognac Leather. @ DSW $89.95

- Zigi Soho. Whitney Suede Ruffle Boot. Taupe Suede. @DSW $79.95

I also have been wanting a pair of moccasins, and I was looking through stuff from Old Navy last night and found the cutest pair. 

-Old Navy. Studded Leather Moccasins. Bronze. @ $24.50

And, I love ruffles, and a similar pair of these shoes were out last fall, but I never got them... I really want a pair of ruffled heels. 

-Madden Girl. Setra Fabric Ruffled T-strap Platform. @ DSW $39.95

Next I have my fall jackets, although, they really aren't needed that much around here, it will probably be extra hot into December, then be cold for a few days then maybe some snow again? (That's just me dreaming of another snow day) But you have to have a jacket, it will eventually get cold and I must stay warm. Last winter I only had one main jacket, and that annoyed the hell out of me so hopefully I can get a few basic ones this year?

This first jacket I found, but I really don't like the buttons... so I have ordered some new buttons off of ebay to replace the ones on the jacket! (I'm not going to show the buttons yet... thats for another post) 
-Old Navy. Women's Plus Canvas Double-Breasted Peacoat. Peacock $44.50

-Old Navy. Belted Wool Blend Jacket. Black Jack $69.50

Nails, oh nails... I love nail polish... I know that is something new, because I never ever talk about this love... But oh how I love coloring my nails... I decided to show which colors I am craving this season.
I saw this girl with silver nails the other day and LOVE!  I really did like her nails... but I found this color from Essie, I haven't had a chance to see it in person yet. But, I think this is the look I was going for. 

-Essie. Silver Bullions. $8.00

I have never tried these MAC colors but, I was on Instyle's website the other day and they had a thing about MAC Nail colors... and the colors just looked so beautiful. 

And of course I still want my OPI Espana colors... but they were in my last wish list... 

Denim obsession... So I have my trouser jeans that I absolutely love, and my bootcut, which have started to become a little too short... but I don't have any skinny. Now I am a big girl, but Lane Bryant... where I shop for my jeans, has come out with a new straight leg jean. I want to try them in store first, but from what I have seen they look good I hope they fit well... I really could use them with the boots I am planning to get this season. 

-Lane Bryant. Right Fit Straight Leg Jean. Medium Sandblast $54.50

And while on the topic of jeans, I have been seeing the denim leggings for a while now... and they are starting to become popular... I haven't made up my mind on those... maybe i will get a cheap pair from XXI?

Scarves, I could go on all day about them. I love them but I really don't have many of them, I wore a few last year, but not too many, I am hoping to wear more this year, I am already stocking up. 

-Forever 21. Classic Faux Pashmina Scarf. Turquoise $6.00

-Forever 21. Pink Plaid Scarf. Fuchsia/Black $7.80

-Gap. Lightweight Floral Scarf. Garland Green $24.50
-Gap. Lightweight Painterly Scarf. Strawberry Field $24.50

Makeup, so I have this small obsession with makeup... and I have a 20% off coupon to ULTA so... I think I may be planning on getting some new makeup soon. I have really been loving Maybelline quads and some of there individual colors. 

-Maybelline. Amethyst 105 Single

Some other things I want for this fall include, some sort of rain boot... which I haven't picked out yet, as well as Teal leggings from Forever 21.
-Forever 21. Basic Leggings. Teal $4.80

I really can't wait for fall to kick in, the weather around here is starting to get nice... it was even cool the other night! But that concludes my wishlist for now... What's on your fall wish list?

Oh and don't forget Project Runway is on Tonight! 
Oh, and BTW ... since this is my wish list, I don't have the items, therefore I couldn't take pictures... so all the links are where all the pictures are from! 

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