Saturday, September 5, 2009

Project Runway 6.3

Sorry this is late, but I left the house early Friday morning, and this is the first time I have had since then.... But this post has Spoilers, so don't read if you haven't watched the latest Episode of Project Runway. 

So Thursday’s episode of Project Runway was pretty good. It started off with Heidi telling the contestants that they would be going on a field trip. They are then brought to the beach where they meet with Tim and he gives them their challenge… to make a California Beachwear inspired look… but they will be in teams.  Teams where as follows: (1) Shirin and Carol Hannah, (2) Logan and Chris, (3) Nicholas and Gordana, (4) Mitchell and Ra’mon, (5) Althea and Louise, (6) Qristyl and Epperson, (7) Johnny and Irina.

And Mitchell was one of the team leaders. Now in earlier episodes we had learned that Mitchell does not know how to sew… he can come up with ideas but the kid doesn’t know how to sew … so I felt really bad for Ra’mon when he was chosen.

But anyways… they got  to work … Epperson and Qristyl annoyed me the whole time. Qristyl has no taste and Epperson was way pushy but they were just annoying.  As the designer’s got to working on their looks, Tim comes in and tells them they will be designing a second garment for an Avant-garde look. And I think it would have been cool to see what Malvin, who was voted out last week would have done for this challenge.  

But back to the current episode, the designer’s pretty much completed their looks with out any problems or last minute drama… Ra'mon decided to hand dye some fabric very last minute but other than that.

On the runway, Shirin, Carol Hannah, Logan, Chris, Althea and Louise were all sent to the back, as their designs scored high enough to let them stay in… Leaving Nicholas & Gordana and Qristyl & Epperson in the bottom and Mitchell, Ra’mon, Johnny and Irina as the top designers. Poor Ra’mon carried Mitchell through the challenge, but he really proved himself in the end by winning the Challenge, while Mitchell was voted out… thank the lord.

My Favorite designs from this episode were Chris & Logan’s Surfer Chic look and Shirin and Carol Hannah’s look.

And my least Favorite were Nicholas and Gordana’s Avant-Garde look and Qristyl and Epperson’s look.

Check out all the designs at  

Also I will be tweeting throughout the next Episode of Project Runway, just like I did for this last episode. 

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