Thursday, September 10, 2009

When it Rains, It Pours

So, one of the things I hate about my campus, is that it is huge and when it rains over there it pours, and to get to class you must trek through rain and yuck to get there. And has it been  raining. To make it worse I don't have appropriate rain gear... but at least I actually had an umbrella today. 

So to combat the rainy days I decided to gather some rain related gear... I started with the all essential raincoat... I can go with cute or I can go with practical. 
Cute would be the Fire and Raincoat from modcloth which runs for $100.

Another, more affordable cute option would be The Merona with Hood white/dots from Target for $34.99

Not so cute but very practical, the Trail Model Rain Jacket from L.L. bean for $59.95-$69.95. 
For Umbrellas... I have my special pink and yellow dot umbrella from Target that I got for my England trip 2 years ago... so its very special to me.  BUT... I liked this one from Modcloth. Peacock! 
For shoes... because at school it doesn't just rain... it floods! I don't like the idea of full on rain boots, as cute as they are I really don't want to run around campus in them... so I think that these Sperrys are a good alternative. 

Some other rain stuff that made me happy! 

A Graphic tee from Forever 21

AND HELLO KITTY! Forever 21 $2.80

As much as I love a rainy day, its been raining for like a week… I am kinda ready for it to be over with… the weather people say its going to be raining into the weekend… so … Stay dry!

Last night, I had a late night working on a paper I had to turn in today... So I woke up late and rushed to school... 
Top: Peacock Trapeze Top, Oldnavy
Shorts: Black Cuffed shorts
Necklace: Black beads with Chiffon, Forever 21
Ring: Black Cameo, Charming Charlie
Shoes: Pink Flats, Target


Sarah said...

I love the white raincoat. You should definitely get that and the sperry's. and you look very pretty in your pictures :)

Christine said...

I love that pink umbrella. I agree with the white raincoat :P. The red one is too cute, but too expensive. I'm glad my campus was thought out better :D

Personally I don't like those shoes. I saw a low rain boot on the same site that I liked, since it has a wedge heel, so my pant bottoms won't get soaked :D Then again, I don't run on campus.

Cute in those pictures, lady!

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