Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beware of Frizz

Decided to do something a little different today, I decided to take the time out and straighten my hair.  Usually, I start out with washed hair, I blow dry and brush it out.
I always get questions to how my hair looks brushed out, there it is in all its frizzy glory.
Blow dried and brushed out.
To remind you what my hair started off as. 
Today, I used Chi Iron Guard Spray and Chi Infra Texture dual action hairspray, and my Chi Iron  and 45 minutes later, I get nice and straight locks.

And of course I couldn't be bothered to get my camera, or put on makeup for pictures. So you get computer pictures and scary no make up face. 
I'll throw in some goofing around pictures as well. But this week has been hectic again, mainly tests, work and projects all jumbled together. I got a picture of my mannequin with the block on, but it is stuck on my phone right now.

Tomorrow Should be exciting, I have an event where Designer Jodi Arnold will be attending and a display project for my Visual Merch class. I should have my camera with me, so get excited.

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