Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time Warp

 Recently we received some pictures in the mail from my Great Uncle.
Great Grandparent's wedding, December 26, 1929, Cuba. 
They feature my family in 1920s Cuba.
Great Grandmother
I find it really interesting to go back and look at styles and fashions of back in the day.
Great Grandmother
Fashion is constantly moving forward, but I love looking back to see where we have been.
The veil at my great grandmother's wedding is just amazing. I love the head piece, and I was surprised at the length of her dress.

This wedding guest stood out. I love that you can really see the silhouette of her dress, and she is one of the only ones were you can see what shoes she is wearing.

Even though the flower girl is turned away, you still get to see how sweet she looks with the adorable full skirt and puff sleeves.

These pictures really excited me for two reasons. First we don't really have many old family pictures so its something rare for me to see. Second, I love looking at old clothing and to see what my family was wearing back in the day is special.

As a special treat...
I had crazy curly hair from the start, 1992.
Me as a kid, I was adorable...

Starting off the fashionable thing young, 1992.
*Both of my pictures came from a scrapbook, that explains the caption and the colorful background.


Mary said...

Let's Do the Time Warp again!!!

I wish I had our pictures from Cuba. My abuelo's sister has very few.

My mom went gaga over your pictures. She might trade me in for you...

Maria said...

CC: This is so very cool. You are so reminds me of me at your age! Tia Maria

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