Monday, September 6, 2010

Nail Polish of the Week: Flyin' High and Zebra toes

I have been crazy about teal lately, first I bought two new pairs of earrings, both teal, at Francesca's.

Then I painted my nails China Glaze's Flyin' High. It was my first time using China Glaze and I did like it. Its on par with OPI and Essie, I just didn't like the brush very much. Loved the color though, it is very similar to my bedroom wall color.
But then I went a little wilder and painted my toes Zebra, which earned me some compliments and some people asking how much I paid for it... free I did it myself!
It's so odd to take a picture of your own feet to put up on your blog, just saying.  But this weekend was okay, it was mainly spent working. I worked this morning then went to the outlets in the afternoon. I tried on some boots at Nine West, but didn't buy anything. Hopefully I can go shopping this week and find myself a new pair of boots!

How was your weekend?


Mary said...

Is that the Odyssey I see? Anyway, your friend with impeccable taste helped you pick those fine earrings. I think you do the zebra print well. If I did it, it would look like plaid or something.

Sarah said...

Last time I got a pedicure, I picked out a china glaze color and I really liked it. It lasted a long time. Love the nail color.

Aly said...

Mary: Yep it is the Odyssey and a sewing manual... I have a nice random assortment of books on my shelves.

Sarah: Yeah, this color has lasted pretty well. It is my only China Glaze color.

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