Sunday, October 17, 2010


So there is nothing else to say really, other than bleh. The past week, thats what it has really been, just bleh. Even though my midterm tests were all the week before, this week has just been jammed packed with STRESS. But I guess that just means I'm getting into the bulk of my fashion curriculum.

First, we were given 2 new projects to start working on. One of which we have about 1/2 page instruction for this huge assignment (the teacher really doesn't care about the class, but grades hard anyways). Both projects are group projects, and I have pretty much the same group for both. Hopefully the group thing will end up to be a positive.

Next, we had muslin fittings this week for our pattern... it just hurts me to talk about it. I worked so long and hard on my pattern and in the end you just want your pattern to be perfection. However, mine of course had its flaws. Which I guess I should just accept since its my first time doing this. I was crestfallen. Sewing is the one thing I think I am good at, and to have errors just blows.

This week, my hours have been so bleh. Tuesday I was at school from 8 am until 9:45 pm, we ordered pizza to our building. I hear the hours we keep just get worse, which is delightful to hear. As downtrodden as I feel this week though, I have a feeling that in the future I will look back and wish that this amount of stress was all that I had to deal with.

Oh, if you were interested in my projects?

For Product Development, we have to create a "company" and do target market research, create a line, do spec sheets and cost sheets and stuff like that. Its a big project with a lot of work and the teacher doesn't really care to give us to much info on it.

The second project is for Visual Merchandising. We get to create window displays! I am equally excited and petrified of this project. We have a lot to live up to from last semester, and I don't know where to start with it. But I am excited to get to work on it and see the end product.

Anyways, I don't know when my schedule will finally calm down, but until then, Ill try to enjoy the ride.

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