Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Touch of Vintage

This morning, Rhonda and I headed over to the vintage sale. I was running a little late so once we got there a lot of the great items I saw on Thursday, including the outfit I put together, were already gone.  
But never fear we still found some great items. 
First I got this necklace, its gold and the beads are wood. Its pretty long and can be doubled up, $2.50.

Next, I got these black and gold cameo earrings. They are pretty old looking, and they are "clip-ons" but really the back screws tighter to hold the earring in place, $2.50

Last I got a dark blue with gold accent clutch, $5.
So in all I did pretty well. There were some gorgeous vintage dresses, but I had no real use for them, other than admiring how pretty they were.

Rhonda also bought some things...
She got a tie for her boyfriend Scott, $1. 
I love the abstract floral print on it!
Rhonda also got this great cross body bag, its a really pretty grey color, $5.
 She wanted to add a little something to it, so we found this really cute red rose pin $2. 

This weekend had gorgeous weather.  I went to the football game Saturday, it was really nice in the stadium.  Today was a great day to do a little shopping and then just laze around the house catching up on things. 

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