Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

As I mentioned in my last post, I have numerous projects going on right now. 
One of which is the Window Display Project.  We are given windows and must come up with a display idea and construct it. In my group, we all decided to come up with sketches and then from there we would decide on our two favorite to submit to the teacher and from there we would pick which display to do our project on. 
I came up with two sketches. In the first, the drape should be more of a lilac color although it didn't come out right in the picture. 
The second, features fashion sketches scattered throughout the background with crumpled sketches on either side littering the floor. The idea is that "Practice Makes Perfect", us designers work hard coming up with tons of different concepts and ideas and then we finally have the perfect finished product. 
My group liked both sketches, but we chose the second to go forward and get reviewed by our teacher. The other design that got chosen by the group was really good too,  of course I'd love for us to go with mine, but I have a good feeling about our display either way. 

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