Monday, June 21, 2010

Colors of Summer

So by now you probably have realized I have a tiny nail polish addiction. I only have about 45 colors at the moment, so not to bad. Except for the fact that I am constantly buying new colors.

Anyways, I love summer time because its a great time to just be bright and colorful. This summer instead of just posting what colors I am wearing that week (although I will prob continue with that). I have decided to do a post dedicated to my favorite colors for this summer.

So these all happen to be Essie colors, which surprised even me because I am such an OPI girl... but anyways.

First we have Lapis of Luxury... the picture above makes it seem lighter than it is, its more of a periwinkle blue. I actually have it on right now.  Its a good casual color, great for everyday wear and I think it gives off a fun and laid back vibe.

Next up is Red Nouveau, its a great red orange color, which gives a classy feel but not too done up.

Fruit Sangria, I have yet to actually wear other than to do a swatch of it. Its a fun pink color which I plan on doing when I go to the beach later on in the summer.

Splash of Grenadine is another color I have yet to actually wear, but its a soft pinky purple color.

AND I LOVE Mint Candy Apple, this is a great color and perhaps my favorite for the summer. It has this cool vintage feel and its not to minty, I want to say more of an aqua color. (That is me speaking ribbon colors from work.) MCA is actually from the essie winter collection, and I had seen it on this girl at Ulta, but they were sold out, so I kept going back and they finally had it in stock.

So those are my colors for this summer, what are your favorites?

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