Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh, So Silly... bandz

The first time I heard of Silly Bandz, a frantic mother had run into the store where I work asking if we carried them. We didn't at the time, so she explained what they were and told me these were the next big thing, we had to start selling them.

So the week before Easter, we got this HUGE box full of them in, and boy did they sell out quickly. Even now we can hardly keep them in stock.

And now, everyone is wearing them apparently even SJP. I mean I can see how they can be a quirky pop of color on an arm full of bangles. It is also one of those theories on how fashion spreads, starting from the kids and moving to the masses.

I think I might do it, not the whole arm of them that kids tend to do, but just one mixed in my larger array of jewelry like SJP. What do you think, would you get on the bandz wagon?

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