Sunday, June 20, 2010


Day 3: Bloomingdales, Ralph Pucci, FIT
On day 3 we had to wake up bright and early to go to Bloomingdales in SoHo before it opened, it was really neat we got to take this great tour of the store, which is really beautiful and innovative, so if you get a chance I would definitely take a visit. 

After going to Bloomies we got some free time... When we were walking to Bloomingdales, one of my roommates and I had seen some large spools sitting out back and we were like we def have to go back and take pictures. So we took the opportunity to go back and check it out. 

The spools actually came from the store next door which had just opened All Saints.  The way they were set up was really cool, a lot of old sewing machines and stuff... def my dream land. 

Later,  we got to visit Ralph Pucci where they manufacture Pucci mannequins, which can be seen in stores such as Saks, Nordstrom and Anna Sui!
They also have a showroom of really expensive, nice looking furniture and Art.

It was really cool when we got to see where they actually make the mannequins... it was pretty much an army of them...

And notice in the background... the arms hanging from the ceiling... haha a tad bit creepy.
We got to see where they painted the faces on some of the mannequins... I think some of these were in Nordstrom stores. 
And they had heads for Anna Sui waiting to be painted... which was really cool since we had been in the Anna Sui showroom the day before. 
Then it was off to FIT where we had a quick costume history lesson then got to see their newly opened EcoFriendly exhibit... No pictures where allowed, but it was cool anyways. 
After FIT, we went to this vintage shop, I got this cute purse which I will post a picture of later, and I went shopping in the bookstore at FIT... already getting ready for next fall. 

Day 4: Michael Pallandino, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lynda Johnson
On day 4 we went to LIM to visit with Michael Pallandino, who was the stylist for Henri Bendel's before they reorganized and stopped carrying clothes. He now teaches styling for LIM. He gave a very good and inspirational speech about making it in the fashion industry... never burn bridges and always balance between personal and work life. 

Then we went to Saks Fifth Avenue and had a tour of pretty much the whole store... which is HUGE. After we took a detour to the Anthropologie sale room, which is about as big as the store here. 

Later we went and met with Lynda Johnson who is a journalist and mainly works with children it was interesting to get a different perspective of the fashion industry from her. 
So that was the last of my appointments in New York, I had a great time, and did some damage shopping. I can't wait to get back to NYC. 

This weekend, I have pretty much been reorganizing and doing some late spring cleaning... I found some cool stuff when going through my mother's jewelry box... I think the vintage bug has finally bit me... but I think the need for an all vintage post is coming on. 
Anyways, its Father's day today. I spent a lovely day with the fam. Hung around in the pool with the sisters. Ate an awesome lunch/dinner with the fam and just pretty much hung out watched movies and such. I would have posted this earlier, however my internet went out, but thankfully its back, obviously. 

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