Friday, June 18, 2010

Late for a Date

I was just looking back to the first few posts on my blog. It will have been a year in July. I'm upset with myself that I took so many months off when school was in session and neglected the blog. I see it as more of a mission to continue on and continue updating if only to look back and see what I found interesting at any give point in my life.
Anyways, I must have found this necklace from Modcloth pretty interesting. Looking back I came across a post I did in August of 2009. It was a things I want post... and it was a necklace that I never got around to buying when it was in stock and it was constantly going out of stock. Anyways, when I was in New York, we went to this store that sold a lot of costume jewelry (which I love). I remembered the little sister had been wanting a pocket watch necklace... so being the amazing sister I am, I went on a search for one for her. I found one and brought it home, only to find out she had ebayed herself one.
Now the one I found was way awesome, so I decided to keep it for myself, and she could borrow it when she wanted to. I was searching Modcloth the other day to see if I found anything good (which of course I would), and I found the necklace... same exact one! and the one I bought was $10 cheaper and I didn't have to get it shipped or wait for them to get it in stock. How awesome is that... Good things come to those who wait.
So on that note, I have to thanks those who have stuck around and encouraged me to keep blogging (mom and Sarah)... you waited for my little diary to get back on track... so now I must reward you with some good posts.... hopefully I can deliver.

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Sarah said...

Aww I'm glad I inspired you to keep blogging! I really did miss reading your blog!

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