Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So I just got back from my field study in New York trip... and lets just say it was awesome!
We got an amazing behind the scenes look at the world of fashion... and I got to do some shopping.
Some of the places we visited included: Vera Wang, Anna Sui, Nannette Lepore, Ralph Pucci Mannequins, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Met, Color Association, FIT, and Bloomingdales (Soho location). It was a great and informative trip, I would have updated as we went... however there was no internet access at the hotel... so I will update you starting now!

Day 1: 
So we got to New York on Saturday, did sight seeing Saturday and Sunday and then on Monday we started up with our appointments...
First we went to Vera Wang... and when I say we went to Vera Wang, I don't mean we went to a Vera Wang store... we went to the Showroom/Corporate office. It was awesome, we got to see where they make some of the clothes, where they design clothes, where they show clothes to clients, it was really really awesome.

After Vera Wang we went to see Anna Sui. We went to the showroom and got to see where they did some of the production.  I really enjoyed Anna Sui, her showroom was really neat and our tour was given by an alumni, who had majored in design but was now working in sales.

Then we did Nannette Lepore, the clothes were amazing, the speaker was on the boring side.

Between Nannette Lepore and going to Color Association... I ran into someone on the streets...

Glee's Matthew Morrison!

Color Association was really cool, they forecast colors two years in advanced. I didn't get any pictures... but believe me it was a really great place to visit and they had a really cool office. 

That was pretty much Day 1, I'll try to update as soon as I can with the report on the rest of my trip... and also with my new buys. I have added a couple new nail polishes to my collection, so be on the look out for new colors soon!

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