Thursday, July 15, 2010


My new project is coming along a little slower than expected. I worked all morning Saturday, and then it was raining horribly when I got off, so I didn't feel like running to the fabric store across town. I went to Hobby Lobby instead and got a few things....

I made some fabric flowers, which I then attached to a bobby pin and wore in my hair.

Then I started pinning and cutting out my pattern on Sunday, and does that pattern have a ton of pieces. Twenty-eight pieces, to pin down then cut out then mark. So Monday, I finished cutting out everything and marking it. I have been working everyday this week so haven't even started sewing, but tomorrow I have the day off and plan to start it up and hopefully finish.


DanaElayne said...

Such CUTE flower pins! :) Have you done a tutorial? I think I need some of these :)

Londyn said...

so many pretty things!

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