Monday, July 26, 2010

Wedding Bells!

Friday night, I had to meet up with Anna at J's apartment to get them ready for a wedding! Anna had some sort of Law day thing all day and she even had to leave early because the  law day ended at 5:30 and the wedding was at 6.

So I had to be called in to get these two ready for the wedding...
Anna and J
J is wearing a Michael Kors suit from Men's Designer Outlet in Miami.
In less than an hour I had to get Anna ready: showered, hair touched up, dressed and made up...  I am turning into an expert at getting people ready in short amounts of time... remember when I went to that Mardi Gras coronation with less than an hours notice?
Dress Macy's London Times, Shoes Target 2010, Bracelet F21, Earrings Franchesca's 
I think she turned out pretty well, had we had more time I would have tired to do a mini bee hive or something retro to match the vintage vibe of the dress, but we settled for straight. 
My big Sis and Me
For her makeup I did a simple look using an Ulta palette (it contains: White, Light Pink, Dark Pink and Brown). I have been doing this makeup look a lot for myself lately, simple yet dramatic eyes (I'll have to post it sometime). 
Anyways, I sent them off with minutes to spare! I got them out the door and managed to take pictures with plenty of time to get to the wedding. 

BTWs, I am wearing a dress from Old Navy I got it on sale, right before I left for the beach, for like $10!

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Sarah said...

good job! anna looks really pretty :)

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