Monday, August 2, 2010

Nail Polish of the Week: Safari

It feels like forever! I just got back from Disney and am ready to get back to the usual routine.  Anyways in anticipation for the Disney vacation I had decided to do some fun nails...
Zebra Nails!
Zebra Print! I love zebra, so i free handed this. I started out with a clean slate and painted my nails white using Snow Me White from Sinful colors. Then using the Black from  Kiss Nail Artist Stencil kit I painted on my stripes! I think this hand came out pretty well... the other not so much. 

But anyway, the Kiss Nail artist stencil kit came with three polishes: black, white and sliver sparkle. I got mine at Walgreens for about $7. They feature long thin brushes so you can create details. I am looking forward to playing around with them and creating more nail designs. 

Please excuse the fuzziness of the picture, it was taken in a moving car on an iphone and it was the only picture I had of the nails. 

Oh and my Kiss Everlasting French Nails? They lasted for about four days until i got annoyed by them and decided to pop them off... but other than that they were pretty good. 

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