Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lunch Anyone?

So this picture came up on my twitter several times a few weeks ago, so I don't know where it originated.... but Mom and I were talking and she was like wouldn't that be cool if it were your lunch bag... as I occasionally bring my lunch to school. So that got me thinking. Now, I have an idea brewing in my head and if I could ever get time to go to the fabric store I might live out this idea but its an idea for now... lets see if anything comes of it!

But back to the picture, isn't it awesome! It is so horrible its cool... I mean it even has the chain strap, I love how the Chanel "C"s aren't perfect and the quilting is sort of haphazard.  Now, I am not saying I would do this... or that it even looks good, but I do think its fun, and funny and it did make me smile.

Hehe Hope it made you smile!
Fashion Girl

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