Saturday, July 25, 2009


The First time I walked into the Forever 21 store at the mall near my house, I hated it! It was way too big and unorganized, the lighting was too bright and music too loud… and I am a firm believer that the ambience of a store directly affects your shopping experience. So needless to say, I didn’t even want to go in there. But a few weeks ago my friend Rhonda told me that XXI was coming out with a Plus-sized line, Faith 21.

A plus-sized line… Trendy clothes that would fit me?!?!?! That’s like unheard of, so of course I had to check it out. But I could not set foot into the actual store… so off to

I really like the website, its easy to use and they update all the time so its so much more practical to shop online rather than making a trip to the mall every other day.  And their shipping is pretty fast, it comes free with a $75 purchase, which I usually get, and if you don’t like something that you have bought on line, you can return it to the store.

So with my need for cute plus-sized clothing and my love of online shopping, I was easily drawn into the whole Forever 21 craze… sad and hypocritical, I know.

I have always found trouble finding cute and casual dresses, so the bulk of my Forever 21 buying comes in the form of dresses. The only problem with them though is the fact that they are really short so you most likely have to wear leggings with them.

Vanna Pleated Dress in Purple $22.80

  • Which I have paired grey leggings with, which looked really cute!


Abstract Ikat Halter Dress $19.80

  • I am going to put a colored tank under this one so that I can wear it to work


Keisha Surplice Dress $22.80


I also got some cute shirts from Forever 21


Floral Flutter top $17.80


Dolman Dress w/belt


 I also got some cute Jewelry from Forever 21 but I think I will save those for another post.

Much love!

Fashion Girl

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