Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Must Love

I love love love IKEA! 

They have great stuff and even greater prices... After years (more like one) of searching for my yellow desk chair I found it at IKEA! 


On my recent trip to Miami I took a side adventure to Sunrise, Fl and behold the glory that is IKEA!

 Not my picture  I didn't have my camera with me.... so no pictures but I will look up some on google to include!

I went with my parents and my Aunt in search of the perfect desk chair... 

At first I was overwhelmed, but quickly got into the hang of it! You start out by going through the show room which was so cute! and you jot down stuff you want to pick up later when you go to the warehouse... 

So I fell in Love with this chair: The SKRUVSTA Swivel Chair $149.00... of course of course I fall in love with something expensive at a store known for being cheap... but its too cute: 

So I kept shopping and of course I found another chair and it came in a much more “college student” friendly price… of  $17.99! Which is completely AWESOME! The SNILLE visitor Chair!

And people are always saying that the downfall to ikea is having to put together your furniture… but really it took me all of maybe 3 minutes to put together my chair!

So after going through the show room, we were hungry… So we stopped at their Café! It was awesome… I had some pretty good chicken nuggets and chocolate cake.

Then you start picking up your items! And it was a mad house… but I got what I needed:

Two lamps:

  • The EKARP base $9.99 with a really cute shade that I can't find a picture of now but I promise to take a picture of it later!

Mixing bowls

I love to bake so I bought these mixing bowls for $3.99 and they are awesome!

Bag Clips

These bag clips are great! $2.99

You walk through their… store, I’m not really sure what you call it… but you walk through then you go to the warehouse and you find your aisle and bin and you pick up your larger pieces of furniture!

I recommend going online and picking out what you like first so you have an idea of what you are looking for… like I looked at different lamps I wanted… and I also had an idea which chair I wanted… because Ikea can be a tad bit overwhelming… but overall I love it and think its an amazing store!

Pictures from unless otherwise noted!

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