Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mary Kay

I am not a big fan of Mary Kay, but my cousin has become a Mary Kay consultant ... so I must support family. So on my trip to Miami I let my cousin show me some stuff from Mary Kay. I'm not sure if Mary Kay has gotten a new look or anything but they definitely seemed more youth friendly... not just old lady makeup. So since I love lipgloss and had been looking for a darker purply lipgloss... I got Sugarberry... which I love I usually put a pink lipstick and then put it over and it turns out not too  dark but just right... 

Also while looking through one of the Mary Kay catalogues I fell in love with this limited edition Bahama Blue eyeliner that I just had to have... which is weird because i had never been into colored eye liner... so i got that too! and I absolutely love it...
Mary Kay Bahama Blue Eyeliner (I don't remember how much this cost)

My cousin also gave me a bunch of samples... they had this great purple eye liner
Much Love
Fashion Girl

1 comment:

Christine said...

The eyeliner was $10.

<3 that eyeliner.

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