Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Say Hello to Lifetime's Runway

So for some complicated reasons which I do not wish to delve into... one of my favorite t.v. shows is moving from Bravo! to Lifetime... home of the "Lifetime Original Movie". And I hear big changes are in store... like moving to L.A. I really want to see how this move turns out, as I am a fan of New York fashion and their whole scene in general, I am worried that the show will be too different, I am cool with change... but this change I don't think i will like. It saddens me, one of my dreams was to one day be a Project Runway designer. Now will I even still like the show? I am not expecting it to be as good as it was on Bravo, even though people say it will be better, but I hope I still know and love PR.

They are also starting a new show, Models of the Runway, which looks like it could be interesting... or it could be boring and one big cat fight after another which starts to become trivial... I hope its more of a look at what the models do than what they fight about. 

So Project Runway starts August 20, I'm going to give it a chance... 
Fashion Girl

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