Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Makeup Trip!

For some reason... (Mom) I have recently gotten really into makeup. My first love will always be fashion, but I have been experimenting in makeup recently. I really like to watch allthatglitters21's makeup tutorials on and I have bought some really neat makeup.... so I guess I shall share my amazingly awesome finds. 
First, I have been a big fan of Bobbi Brown since high school, but now since I am a "starving college student" I must turn to cheaper stuff I or rather mom has found that Revlon Colorstay works just as well.  I got mine for $10 and Wal Mart.

Second, even though I love my Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette... it doesn't contain a large variety... but my Coastal Scents 88 piece eye shadow palette sure does! And its only $18.95, I really think this was a Great Buy! 

And Last but not least! I think the thing I am loving the most this summer is my Coastal Scents Gel liners! And I must say, at first Coastal Scents sent me the wrong liner, but they were great and are sending me a replacement liner and they aren't even making me go through the hassle of sending the other color back! so the gel liners are $6.95 each and worth every penny... I am currently loving Indigo Blue the most!

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Sarah said...

I really like the Revlon that you gave me. All I need now is to get the primer and the powder.

Fashion Girl said...

So glad you like it!

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