Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Celebrate Today!

So we went to Disney last weekend... it was nice and HOT. When I say hot, I mean hell on earth hot, I heard something like in the 100s.
But I soldiered on and fashion went a little out the window, but not completely.
Justin, Me and Grace at the Boardwalk
I am wearing a J.Crew top, Hydraulic Jeans, Blowfish shoes, Vera Bradely Hipster in Totally Turq
 The first day we met up with some family from Miami at the boardwalk, the heat that day was tolerable as we were there mainly around sunset.

The next day we went to the pool and downtown Disney. I finally got to wear my new Modcloth swimsuit (no pictures with it yet).

When we got to Magic Kingdom we were able to get most of what we wanted to do over with early, so we left then came back to the park in time for the fireworks.
On the people mover at sunset

The last day, when we went to Epcot, we stayed the whole time in scorching heat... I thought I was going to pass out.
After a long day at Epcot
But the thing I did that I NEVER do, I wore sneakers on both days in the parks. I never wear sneakers unless expressly working out or doing some sort of thing that calls for them. I haven't wore them in other circumstances since high school. But i did it in the name of comfort.
Also while in Disney, I kept my tinted moisturizer with me and kept reapplying. The one I use has a 15 SPF so it protected me from the Florida sun and I escaped with out sunburns.
Overall it was a fun trip. You'll notice in all the pictures I have my hair up. All days I started with it down but the humidity was unbearable that in no time it made its way into a ponytail.

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