Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School is Back

When I first started this blog, I intended it to chronicle my journey through design school. However, I started in the summer and then started to get lazy when school kicked in, so it never got to that point. Now, with the new semester starting I have a fresh chance to try again.

With the first three days of school down, I have been to all my classes and I feel like its going to be a good semester. I am deep in the middle of my design classes, with 3 of my 5 classes being completely devoted to my major. My other two classes are closely related to my major, Fine Arts and Marketing.

What other classes am I taking?

Huec 3032- Product Development, Huec 3037 Intermediate Apparel Product Design and Huec 3045 Visual merchandising and Promotion strategies.
(Huec is for Human Ecology, my major is in the school of Human Ecology.)

So in these classes I have projects, in 3032 we are going to have to develop a clothing line and "sell" it to the class.  For 3037, its basically my introductory pattern-making class, and we will finish the class off by making bustiers. 3045 seems really fun, one project we get to set up displays for a charity vintage clothing sale and for the final project we get to set up a window display.

So now I am a Junior, halfway through college. At the start of my college career, I felt so alone on a huge campus. But now its so odd now, I actually know people other than my friends from high school. The campus doesn't seem so big anymore. This semester will be intense, and will challenge me and my lack of time management skills... but I can't wait.

Interested in the books we are using?*
I thought so...
*I find it interesting what books are being used in design classes, before I got to college, I would go on amazon and just look at all of the design books... 

How am I transporting these books? A few months ago, I got myself a new Vera Bradley Messanger! 

I had been using one in Yellow Bird since freshman year, but it was time for a change! I got Make Me Blush! I love it the inside is adorable!

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