Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting things DONE!

So yesterday was a really good day. As opposed to last week, where it just sucked all around I accomplished things today and it just makes you feel good.

It started out by waking up early to go work out, while I only did thirty minutes on the elliptical, it was still something. Then I went and finally got an oil change, my car was begging for one. Afterwards, Mary met me at my house and we had a little photo shoot...

Afterwards, I got my etsy site running! So now you too can have a Fab Flower. Not all are up yet, but they are coming. I also need to get out to Hobby Lobby so I can get some pins so they can also be used as brooches.

Then Amanda came over and we preceded to make over 140 cupcakes... just because. It was really nice, because she is going back to school in a few days.

So it was a good day, spent with great friends.

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