Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nail Polish of the Week: Royal Purple

Yeah, yeah, it isn't Monday, but Thursday when I am posting this week's nail color. But I didn't have any nail color on until Tuesday night! Yes, I went the first two days of school with naked nails!

Anyways, this week I really wanted a purple for some reason... maybe I am having a bought of school spirit. I decided to go dark purple instead of my usual Done Out in Deco. My favorite dark is OPI's Eiffel for this Color, but mine is like completely and utterly destroyed/ empty. So I had to search my nail polish for the perfect purple.

I came up with E.L.F.'s Royal Purple. I got this last Christmas, but hadn't used it because my sister told me the Elf colors chipped and came off really easily, but I was desperate.

So far its worked out pretty well, I have been wearing it for a whole day now, and no serious chipping to report. But we shall see. One thing I have to say, I liked the brush this nail polish came with, it was nice and thick which made for a quick and easy application.

Speaking of Elf, I had bought a bunch of makeup from them recently, a nice little haul... perhaps I'll do a post/review of a few of the things I got.

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