Monday, August 24, 2009

Back To School

So today was my first day of classes... and by the end of the day I was exhausted...

I woke up super early at 6 am to get ready for my 9:30 class. I had envisioned in my mind exactly what I was going to wear: Old Navy ruffled tank, with my blue tank under it (see prior post), a necklace I got last week from Forever 21, jeans and some flats. And amazingly I stuck to that... I usually change my outfit at least 3 times before I am out of the house. But today I left the house around 7:30 and went to visit my sister at her apartment, then off  to class.

First I had French 1001 which is elementary French, which I have already dropped... I just did not like that class. After that I had a break, ate a snack then went to Econ.... which is needed for my major so hopefully it won't be too bad.  After Econ I had another hour long break, but one of my friend's shoes broke, so Sarah and I had to trek to her car to get another pair of shoes for her.

After that break I had my Textiles Lab. Which I took the Textiles Class last semester and I loved it so I think I will enjoy this one too! All about the fibers and structures that go into making fabric... its really interesting believe me! Tomorrow I have my introduction to Apparel Design class and The Fashion Industry Class! I can't wait... I am finally getting to the good stuff after a year of waiting for some good classes. 

And I finally saw Project Runway! I hadn't watched last week's ep because I was out celebrating a friend's birthday! But I saw it and while it isn't on Bravo! its still good... and I haven't really noticed that its not in New York yet. But the season is still young so we shall see. I really liked the dress that won, and I am happy with who got kicked off, so they haven't upset me yet. 

But with school starting, I am probably not going to have time to take as many pictures as I have in the past so my blog might be a little less colorful for a few weeks... but I will get back to the pictures because I love taking them! 
Today, I do have a picture of one of my dogs that my dad got the other morning as she was sleeping on my bed... and I think Ellie just looks so sweet!

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