Sunday, August 23, 2009

Formal Dash

So I usually take forever to get ready... I have to get up extra early, wash my hair, do make up get dressed... I usually give my self at least two hours to get ready for school or work. For formal things like prom back in the day... I gave myself at least half the day to get ready. But yesterday, when I was getting my sister ready for a formal event she was invited to, she gets this call. Its a call inviting me to come along with her.... I have an hour to get ready. 

I immediately ran to the shower to wash my hair... a quick conditioner and then I blow dried it... with my mothers help. I then straightened my hair in the quickest time I have ever done it before did makeup and got dressed in about 45 minutes... It was amazing I was so proud of my self, because I thought that we would for sure be late to the event! But we weren't. 

I am so thankful that we still had my dress from prom like two years ago... and that it still fit pretty well. 

For makeup, I did my normal: moisturizer, concealer, foundation... I used a Clinique base on my eyes, then I used and NYX eyeshadow pencil and covered my eye in that. Then I used an ULTA eyeshadow quad I put Silk (which looked like a creamy silvery white on the eye) all over and up to the brow bone. Then I used  Gunmetal (a dark shimmery grey) in the corner and I used Twilight (a purpley grey) to blend into the Silk. I put Indigo Blue gel liner from coastal scents. Estee Lauder Plum blush and a Clinique lipstick with my Sugarberry Mark Kay lipgloss over it. 

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Christine said...

Love that lip gloss!!! You should put a close up so we can see how your makeup looked :)

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