Sunday, August 30, 2009

The New Love

So I am pretty much in love with Dior right now and it has a lot to do with their fragrance "Miss Dior Cherie". 
I first fell in love with their print adds which feature a girl floating above Paris with a bottle of perfume in hand... 
Then I went to Sephora and smelled it... and then I saw the commercial which was directed by Sofia Coppola, who has a penchant for dazzling girls with pretty things.  

But I really have fallen in love with this aspect of Dior, and while I like their clothing now... I am not too huge of a fan of John Galliano. I am more a fan of Dior's New Look, and designs from earlier Dior collections. Also the Gallery at school is showing a selection of Dior clothing, and its so beautiful, even though it hasn't opened yet. One of my classes went and visited the gallery the other day and it really transports you back to mid-century when clothing was beautiful and everything had a classic look. 

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