Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic....

So, I just came back from my beach trip... and I definitely spent more money on clothes than I did on the condo or food.

I was doing really well, only having bought food and paid for the condo then we went to the  outlets.... oh the outlets! So Tanger outlets in Foley, Alabama are my downfall... even though there is an outlet mall like 20 minutes from my house, I never go. But we had about 2 hours before we had to get on the road and I only needed about 20 minutes to do my damage, and if I had more money I would have done much worse. 

First we went to Nine West, and I got the cutest pair of wedges for $20. Of course yellow is one of my favorite colors, its all bright and happy, and these shoes are really awesome I can't wait to wear them!

Then we went to JCrew which even though they don't carry plus size, their sizes run large, so some of their stuff I can fit into and if you show your student i.d. you get 15% off... So I bought a dress and the cutest cardigan! 

The Cardigan is one of those long cardigans so it fits nicely and then the buttons are crystal... the first picture doesn't really show the color well but the second one does. 

And then we have my mannequin Tallulah modeling my dress... its really comfortable and loose and I like how it has a lower neckline then another dress I have like it. 

So I succesfully spent all of my money in about 20 minutes... isn't that nice. And we continued shopping but I couldn't get anything else as I only had about $5 left on my debit card!

Fashion Girl

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