Monday, August 17, 2009

Tips and Tricks part 1

I always find myself spouting out different tips on beauty and style so I decided I would list a few here... So the following are my top tips and tricks:
  1. Moisturizer/makeup remover- sometimes when I am doing my make up I might get some mascara on my face, or I tend to test out colors on my hand, an easy way to remove a small spot of makeup is to rub in a little moisturizer.
  2. Dryer sheet- Sometimes when straightening or working with your hair, you build up static... a quick way to get rid of that static is to lightly swipe a dryer sheet over your hair. Dryer sheets prevent static build up in fabrics and works the same in your hair. 
  3.  Toupee tape-Toupee Tape, used to adhere wigs and hairpieces in place is an easy way to keep low cut shirts and dresses in place. The tape is made to stick to the skin, so it will stay in place and you can easily cut it to smaller pieces. I use Top Stick Toupee tape which you can find at Sally's beauty supply and the amount that comes will last you a long time.  
  4.  Clear Nail Polish- If I don't have time to devote to painting my nails, I try to at least have a clear coat of polish on them. You don't really have to worry about keeping the sides cleans so you can do this quickly and it leaves your nails looking nice and neat with out spending much time on them. 
  5. Mascara Brush for Baby Hairs- To tame baby hairs on your forehead, take a clean mascara brush (just buy a cheap new one) and spray some hairspray on it and use it to comb back the hairs. This leaves your hair looking neater and more professional. 
  6. Downy Wrinkle Release- Don't have time to iron? Going on a trip? Use Downy wrinkle release to freshen up your clothes. I know every time I take t-shirts out of my drawers or a suitcase they come out all wrinkly, just lay out your shirt on your bed or a flat surface, spray some wrinkle release and smooth out. The wrinkle release won't perfectly press your clothes but it will get rid of wrinkles and it will also give your clothes a fresh scent. 


Anonymous said...

I used to always take an extra mascara brush from the makeup counters; they're great as an eyebrow brush.

Fashion Girl said...

I use them for eyebrows too... but I also have an eyebrow brush that came with my makeup brush set... so which ever is closer is what i use.

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