Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just a Little note...


Fashionable Finds

So this find isn't exactly affordable for my "college student" budget, but I found it through , which I always love to go look through. So I saw this necklace and I think its super cute, you could probably find something like this for cheaper and I shall be on the look out for a look alike... but here is the necklace: 

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lunch Anyone?

So this picture came up on my twitter several times a few weeks ago, so I don't know where it originated.... but Mom and I were talking and she was like wouldn't that be cool if it were your lunch bag... as I occasionally bring my lunch to school. So that got me thinking. Now, I have an idea brewing in my head and if I could ever get time to go to the fabric store I might live out this idea but its an idea for now... lets see if anything comes of it!

But back to the picture, isn't it awesome! It is so horrible its cool... I mean it even has the chain strap, I love how the Chanel "C"s aren't perfect and the quilting is sort of haphazard.  Now, I am not saying I would do this... or that it even looks good, but I do think its fun, and funny and it did make me smile.

Hehe Hope it made you smile!
Fashion Girl

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Say Hello to Lifetime's Runway

So for some complicated reasons which I do not wish to delve into... one of my favorite t.v. shows is moving from Bravo! to Lifetime... home of the "Lifetime Original Movie". And I hear big changes are in store... like moving to L.A. I really want to see how this move turns out, as I am a fan of New York fashion and their whole scene in general, I am worried that the show will be too different, I am cool with change... but this change I don't think i will like. It saddens me, one of my dreams was to one day be a Project Runway designer. Now will I even still like the show? I am not expecting it to be as good as it was on Bravo, even though people say it will be better, but I hope I still know and love PR.

They are also starting a new show, Models of the Runway, which looks like it could be interesting... or it could be boring and one big cat fight after another which starts to become trivial... I hope its more of a look at what the models do than what they fight about. 

So Project Runway starts August 20, I'm going to give it a chance... 
Fashion Girl

Monday, July 27, 2009

13th Birthday!

So the baby sister is turning 13 next Thursday! She is having her party on Friday, a movie night sleepover, but I will be out of town, so I am helping mom plan it...

So for gift bags since these kids are 13 we are ordering some makeup from Eyes Lips Face (e.l.f). 

We ordered a few eyeshadows, blushes and lipglosses as well as some blush brushes... and while making the order I may have thrown in a few things for my self... But anyways, we are going to put that together I was hoping to run out to Hobby Lobby and pick up some Chinese Take out boxes which are like my favorite things. 

I am also planning on making a huge batch of bite sized chocolate covered cupcakes! I am making them for the party, as favors and for my beach trip which also starts on Friday... I have a feeling that this week I will be baking alot!

Hopefully we get those e.l.f. products in on time!

Fashion Girl

Sunday, July 26, 2009


So when Manda and I went to the mall the other day I saw these shoes and fell in love! How great are these for the winter? The downfall is that they are $90... I guess I will have to wait on these. 

Mary Kay

I am not a big fan of Mary Kay, but my cousin has become a Mary Kay consultant ... so I must support family. So on my trip to Miami I let my cousin show me some stuff from Mary Kay. I'm not sure if Mary Kay has gotten a new look or anything but they definitely seemed more youth friendly... not just old lady makeup. So since I love lipgloss and had been looking for a darker purply lipgloss... I got Sugarberry... which I love I usually put a pink lipstick and then put it over and it turns out not too  dark but just right... 

Also while looking through one of the Mary Kay catalogues I fell in love with this limited edition Bahama Blue eyeliner that I just had to have... which is weird because i had never been into colored eye liner... so i got that too! and I absolutely love it...
Mary Kay Bahama Blue Eyeliner (I don't remember how much this cost)

My cousin also gave me a bunch of samples... they had this great purple eye liner
Much Love
Fashion Girl

Saturday, July 25, 2009


The First time I walked into the Forever 21 store at the mall near my house, I hated it! It was way too big and unorganized, the lighting was too bright and music too loud… and I am a firm believer that the ambience of a store directly affects your shopping experience. So needless to say, I didn’t even want to go in there. But a few weeks ago my friend Rhonda told me that XXI was coming out with a Plus-sized line, Faith 21.

A plus-sized line… Trendy clothes that would fit me?!?!?! That’s like unheard of, so of course I had to check it out. But I could not set foot into the actual store… so off to

I really like the website, its easy to use and they update all the time so its so much more practical to shop online rather than making a trip to the mall every other day.  And their shipping is pretty fast, it comes free with a $75 purchase, which I usually get, and if you don’t like something that you have bought on line, you can return it to the store.

So with my need for cute plus-sized clothing and my love of online shopping, I was easily drawn into the whole Forever 21 craze… sad and hypocritical, I know.

I have always found trouble finding cute and casual dresses, so the bulk of my Forever 21 buying comes in the form of dresses. The only problem with them though is the fact that they are really short so you most likely have to wear leggings with them.

Vanna Pleated Dress in Purple $22.80

  • Which I have paired grey leggings with, which looked really cute!


Abstract Ikat Halter Dress $19.80

  • I am going to put a colored tank under this one so that I can wear it to work


Keisha Surplice Dress $22.80


I also got some cute shirts from Forever 21


Floral Flutter top $17.80


Dolman Dress w/belt


 I also got some cute Jewelry from Forever 21 but I think I will save those for another post.

Much love!

Fashion Girl

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ulta Trip

Made an awesome trip to Ulta today, I didn’t get much but it was interesting.

Right when we got there, as I was walking out the car, some girl walks up to me and asks if I am planning on going to Ulta today… and then just hands me to 20%  off coupons! How awesome is that! First I picked up a NYX lipstick in Tea Rose $3.50. Then, Mom had to talk me out of getting a bunch of new nail polish colors… we ended up just getting OPI’s Flashbulb Fuchsia $8.50 from the Brights Collection and an OPI Top Coat for $8.50 and an OPI Base Coat which runs for $8.50, but came free with purchase of two OPI Products!  So In all we ended up only spending like $17. Which is awesome! I really like Ulta, its always less crowded than Sephora and it has better sales… every time I go in they are having a sale!

NYX Lipstick in Tea Rose $3.50- currently out of stock on the NYX website 

OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia $8.50

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nail Polish of the Week

I love Nail Polish and I usually change my colors at least once a week... most times more... this week's color is.... 
Done Out In Deco, from the OPI South Beach Collection (which I love and have 4 of the 12 colors).

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Makeup Trip!

For some reason... (Mom) I have recently gotten really into makeup. My first love will always be fashion, but I have been experimenting in makeup recently. I really like to watch allthatglitters21's makeup tutorials on and I have bought some really neat makeup.... so I guess I shall share my amazingly awesome finds. 
First, I have been a big fan of Bobbi Brown since high school, but now since I am a "starving college student" I must turn to cheaper stuff I or rather mom has found that Revlon Colorstay works just as well.  I got mine for $10 and Wal Mart.

Second, even though I love my Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette... it doesn't contain a large variety... but my Coastal Scents 88 piece eye shadow palette sure does! And its only $18.95, I really think this was a Great Buy! 

And Last but not least! I think the thing I am loving the most this summer is my Coastal Scents Gel liners! And I must say, at first Coastal Scents sent me the wrong liner, but they were great and are sending me a replacement liner and they aren't even making me go through the hassle of sending the other color back! so the gel liners are $6.95 each and worth every penny... I am currently loving Indigo Blue the most!

Images used are from and

Must Love

I love love love IKEA! 

They have great stuff and even greater prices... After years (more like one) of searching for my yellow desk chair I found it at IKEA! 


On my recent trip to Miami I took a side adventure to Sunrise, Fl and behold the glory that is IKEA!

 Not my picture  I didn't have my camera with me.... so no pictures but I will look up some on google to include!

I went with my parents and my Aunt in search of the perfect desk chair... 

At first I was overwhelmed, but quickly got into the hang of it! You start out by going through the show room which was so cute! and you jot down stuff you want to pick up later when you go to the warehouse... 

So I fell in Love with this chair: The SKRUVSTA Swivel Chair $149.00... of course of course I fall in love with something expensive at a store known for being cheap... but its too cute: 

So I kept shopping and of course I found another chair and it came in a much more “college student” friendly price… of  $17.99! Which is completely AWESOME! The SNILLE visitor Chair!

And people are always saying that the downfall to ikea is having to put together your furniture… but really it took me all of maybe 3 minutes to put together my chair!

So after going through the show room, we were hungry… So we stopped at their CafĂ©! It was awesome… I had some pretty good chicken nuggets and chocolate cake.

Then you start picking up your items! And it was a mad house… but I got what I needed:

Two lamps:

  • The EKARP base $9.99 with a really cute shade that I can't find a picture of now but I promise to take a picture of it later!

Mixing bowls

I love to bake so I bought these mixing bowls for $3.99 and they are awesome!

Bag Clips

These bag clips are great! $2.99

You walk through their… store, I’m not really sure what you call it… but you walk through then you go to the warehouse and you find your aisle and bin and you pick up your larger pieces of furniture!

I recommend going online and picking out what you like first so you have an idea of what you are looking for… like I looked at different lamps I wanted… and I also had an idea which chair I wanted… because Ikea can be a tad bit overwhelming… but overall I love it and think its an amazing store!

Pictures from unless otherwise noted!

Awesome Earrings!

I have a bit of a shopping habit.... I usually buy online, but Saturday my BFF and I went shopping at some boutiques in town... and I picked up a great pair of earrings and major plus they were 30% off so I ended up paying $10.68 total!  I love these they can either be dressed up or down and they are one of my favorite colors sunshiny yellow! 
 p.s.  My camera broke after my first beach trip  this summer... and I have yet to buy a new one... so I am stuck taking sucky pictures with the camera on my apple!


So I plan on just keeping everyone up to date with my life! Like getting through fashion school and displaying my shopping addiction... showing off the things I love and tempting you with the things I create! I will be adding more soon so keep a look out! And maybe I can actually get this thing off the ground!
Much Love! 
Fashion Girl
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