Monday, August 31, 2009

Nail Polish of the Week

So I had been going for a while with naked nails... and that is something I hate doing. But, I finally painted my nails last night...
For my fingers I have Get me to the Taj on Time, from OPI's India Collection. It is an extremely pale pinkish-white color. On my toes I have Koala Berry from OPI's Australia collection. Its one of my favorite colors, its a darker pink. 

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The New Love

So I am pretty much in love with Dior right now and it has a lot to do with their fragrance "Miss Dior Cherie". 
I first fell in love with their print adds which feature a girl floating above Paris with a bottle of perfume in hand... 
Then I went to Sephora and smelled it... and then I saw the commercial which was directed by Sofia Coppola, who has a penchant for dazzling girls with pretty things.  

But I really have fallen in love with this aspect of Dior, and while I like their clothing now... I am not too huge of a fan of John Galliano. I am more a fan of Dior's New Look, and designs from earlier Dior collections. Also the Gallery at school is showing a selection of Dior clothing, and its so beautiful, even though it hasn't opened yet. One of my classes went and visited the gallery the other day and it really transports you back to mid-century when clothing was beautiful and everything had a classic look. 

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back To School

So today was my first day of classes... and by the end of the day I was exhausted...

I woke up super early at 6 am to get ready for my 9:30 class. I had envisioned in my mind exactly what I was going to wear: Old Navy ruffled tank, with my blue tank under it (see prior post), a necklace I got last week from Forever 21, jeans and some flats. And amazingly I stuck to that... I usually change my outfit at least 3 times before I am out of the house. But today I left the house around 7:30 and went to visit my sister at her apartment, then off  to class.

First I had French 1001 which is elementary French, which I have already dropped... I just did not like that class. After that I had a break, ate a snack then went to Econ.... which is needed for my major so hopefully it won't be too bad.  After Econ I had another hour long break, but one of my friend's shoes broke, so Sarah and I had to trek to her car to get another pair of shoes for her.

After that break I had my Textiles Lab. Which I took the Textiles Class last semester and I loved it so I think I will enjoy this one too! All about the fibers and structures that go into making fabric... its really interesting believe me! Tomorrow I have my introduction to Apparel Design class and The Fashion Industry Class! I can't wait... I am finally getting to the good stuff after a year of waiting for some good classes. 

And I finally saw Project Runway! I hadn't watched last week's ep because I was out celebrating a friend's birthday! But I saw it and while it isn't on Bravo! its still good... and I haven't really noticed that its not in New York yet. But the season is still young so we shall see. I really liked the dress that won, and I am happy with who got kicked off, so they haven't upset me yet. 

But with school starting, I am probably not going to have time to take as many pictures as I have in the past so my blog might be a little less colorful for a few weeks... but I will get back to the pictures because I love taking them! 
Today, I do have a picture of one of my dogs that my dad got the other morning as she was sleeping on my bed... and I think Ellie just looks so sweet!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Formal Dash

So I usually take forever to get ready... I have to get up extra early, wash my hair, do make up get dressed... I usually give my self at least two hours to get ready for school or work. For formal things like prom back in the day... I gave myself at least half the day to get ready. But yesterday, when I was getting my sister ready for a formal event she was invited to, she gets this call. Its a call inviting me to come along with her.... I have an hour to get ready. 

I immediately ran to the shower to wash my hair... a quick conditioner and then I blow dried it... with my mothers help. I then straightened my hair in the quickest time I have ever done it before did makeup and got dressed in about 45 minutes... It was amazing I was so proud of my self, because I thought that we would for sure be late to the event! But we weren't. 

I am so thankful that we still had my dress from prom like two years ago... and that it still fit pretty well. 

For makeup, I did my normal: moisturizer, concealer, foundation... I used a Clinique base on my eyes, then I used and NYX eyeshadow pencil and covered my eye in that. Then I used an ULTA eyeshadow quad I put Silk (which looked like a creamy silvery white on the eye) all over and up to the brow bone. Then I used  Gunmetal (a dark shimmery grey) in the corner and I used Twilight (a purpley grey) to blend into the Silk. I put Indigo Blue gel liner from coastal scents. Estee Lauder Plum blush and a Clinique lipstick with my Sugarberry Mark Kay lipgloss over it. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wish list!

I am constantly shopping online, and I have started to accumulate a wish list of things. Most times I will never buy some of this stuff... but I certainly do love to look at them. 

(500) Days of Summer Soundtrack- My friends and I went to see this movie the other day, and we fell in love with it and the accompanying music. 

Old and New Pocket Watch Necklace- I think I have been wanting one of these since probably last year... I just haven't bought one yet. I have really fallen in love with this one from Modcloth, but currently its out of stock... So I think I plan on getting it once its in stock again. 

Incase computer sleeve- I found this one the other day while i was browsing Its a black computer sleeve with safety pins on it! I love it, but just not for its price at $83.95, so I think i will just settle on looking at it. 

OPI Espana- I don't know if you know this but I love Nail polish and I have a small collection of it... But I love OPI's new Espana collection... the colors are so dark and gorgeous I can't wait to get some from the collection! 

Peep-Toe Wedges- I found these great shoes from Old Navy for $24.50, they are so cute and I love the color... the problem they are online only and my shoe size varies so i can't try them on.... I might just get them anyways....
So that is what tops my wish list at the moment... its always constantly changing... but thats the top for the moment.

And I just wanted to remind everyone that Project Runway Season 6  Starts Thursday, August 20 on Lifetime at 10/9c.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tips and Tricks part 1

I always find myself spouting out different tips on beauty and style so I decided I would list a few here... So the following are my top tips and tricks:
  1. Moisturizer/makeup remover- sometimes when I am doing my make up I might get some mascara on my face, or I tend to test out colors on my hand, an easy way to remove a small spot of makeup is to rub in a little moisturizer.
  2. Dryer sheet- Sometimes when straightening or working with your hair, you build up static... a quick way to get rid of that static is to lightly swipe a dryer sheet over your hair. Dryer sheets prevent static build up in fabrics and works the same in your hair. 
  3.  Toupee tape-Toupee Tape, used to adhere wigs and hairpieces in place is an easy way to keep low cut shirts and dresses in place. The tape is made to stick to the skin, so it will stay in place and you can easily cut it to smaller pieces. I use Top Stick Toupee tape which you can find at Sally's beauty supply and the amount that comes will last you a long time.  
  4.  Clear Nail Polish- If I don't have time to devote to painting my nails, I try to at least have a clear coat of polish on them. You don't really have to worry about keeping the sides cleans so you can do this quickly and it leaves your nails looking nice and neat with out spending much time on them. 
  5. Mascara Brush for Baby Hairs- To tame baby hairs on your forehead, take a clean mascara brush (just buy a cheap new one) and spray some hairspray on it and use it to comb back the hairs. This leaves your hair looking neater and more professional. 
  6. Downy Wrinkle Release- Don't have time to iron? Going on a trip? Use Downy wrinkle release to freshen up your clothes. I know every time I take t-shirts out of my drawers or a suitcase they come out all wrinkly, just lay out your shirt on your bed or a flat surface, spray some wrinkle release and smooth out. The wrinkle release won't perfectly press your clothes but it will get rid of wrinkles and it will also give your clothes a fresh scent. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ruffles and Hearts

School starts in a few weeks, and I am trying to get together clothes to wear to class. While shopping I have to be aware of the extreme heat and humidity I have to trek through to get to class. I found this great top at Old Navy. I decided it would look really cute paired with a ribbed tank underneath. So I went to Old Navy today with my friends and found both and it only cost me about $15. 

But for classes this semester I am thinking lots of shorts and breezy cotton shirts that breathe! Its always so hot on campus and all the parking lots are far away from the buildings so lots and lots of walking in the heat. 

Style tip: When layering tank tops, buy the bottom layer a size bigger than your size and the top layer your normal size. If you do this your layers will stand out more. 

In the picture is my Heart necklace from Forever 21 and my new OPI nail polish in Russian Navy. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

Today I pretty much hung out at home all morning, played with makeup and tried on clothes. But in the afternoon I met up with my friends and we went to the mall. I had a great time, bought some new nail polish OPI Russian Navy-- I am so ready for the fall. I also bought a pair of earrings and a necklace from Forever 21. 

I was so excited to wear my dress that my Aunt gave me, its from Forever 21, I wore a white V-neck shirt from Old Navy underneath... and I wore my yellow Nine West wedges... but I had to change into pink flats as it started to storm outside. But I loved how my yellow shoes popped and stood out from the rest of my monochromatic outfit.  

Fashion Girl

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fashionable and Fit

So, a few weeks ago I bought this skirt from Forever21. It just doesn't quiet fit right. But, I really liked this skirt too much to return it, so I decided to give myself a challenge. Since, I need to lose some pounds anyways... I am giving myself a goal-- fit into this skirt. I am guessing it would take me about 20lbs. So my goal is lose 20lbs and I would get to wear my skirt! So, I am going to say 20 lbs in 2 months? So lets see if I can fit into this skirt by October 10... 

It's 10 lbs a month, 2.5lbs a week... I think I can do it... I hope I can do it. It's not just for the skirt its for me but I think the skirt is an awesome incentive. 

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bright Ice

Yesterday I had work yet again, and I decided to wear my knew J.Crew cardigan! I wore my trouser jeans with a pale yellow top that I got from Old Navy earlier this spring,  and my "Ice" as my necklace has been called, which Anna got from Frock Candy for my Birthday a few years ago. Of course I had my Coach bag with me, I got it when I went to the outlets in May, its the reason I didn't go to Coach on my recent trip to the outlets. My shoes are my black, patent wedges I got from Kohl's over a year ago, and I love, love, love them!

Also, today I found the coolest new site. Its called Picnik and its a photo editing site. I was able to crop and adjust color on my pictures as well as add frames, and its free or you can upgrade to a premium membership and get more cool features... so its something neat for those of us not cool enough to have Photoshop. 
Picnik: photo editing awesomeness

Fashion girl

Friday, August 7, 2009

How Funny...

So I was on just browsing when I come across this:
Seriously? I mean I will admit that I am a fan of the whole twilight thing, I read the books and I watched the movie. Heck, I even was there at midnight to pick up my copy of Breaking dawn but this is somewhat ridiculous. This is what was said about it "This product should be shaken before use to represent the blending of the human and vampire worlds".   I mean come on, they are marketing Twilight for all that its worth... remember the perfume? 

The perfume sold at Hot Topic for about $48, I can't find a link to it but oh well...

So the lip Venom is sold at DuWop for $16 and it is actually a Plumping Lip stain, which I might have liked if it weren't for the whole Twilight thing, I think its kinda tacky... don't you?

Fashion girl

Thursday, August 6, 2009

lookin classic

So, today was my first day wearing my new J.Crew dress and I loved it! It is so comfortable to wear, I wore it to work so running around for 5 hours and at no point was I uncomfortable. 
I decided to just go with a classic style, so I broke out my pearls and wore my favorite yellow sweater. I wore pink flat sandals that I didn't get into the picture, but just imagine that they were cute!
 I took the first picture and thought it looked cool, but the little sister took the second picture for me! 

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nail Polish of the Week

So I was at Ulta the other day, getting a gift card for a friend's birthday. As I was waiting at the counter for the lady ahead of me to check out, I looked over and they had a basket full of little pink zip top bags. the bag was $5 and when I looked inside it contain two full sized OPI bottles: Shorts Story and a Top Coat! How exciting as I had been wanting to buy shorts story the week before!  So this week my nails are pretty in pink!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic....

So, I just came back from my beach trip... and I definitely spent more money on clothes than I did on the condo or food.

I was doing really well, only having bought food and paid for the condo then we went to the  outlets.... oh the outlets! So Tanger outlets in Foley, Alabama are my downfall... even though there is an outlet mall like 20 minutes from my house, I never go. But we had about 2 hours before we had to get on the road and I only needed about 20 minutes to do my damage, and if I had more money I would have done much worse. 

First we went to Nine West, and I got the cutest pair of wedges for $20. Of course yellow is one of my favorite colors, its all bright and happy, and these shoes are really awesome I can't wait to wear them!

Then we went to JCrew which even though they don't carry plus size, their sizes run large, so some of their stuff I can fit into and if you show your student i.d. you get 15% off... So I bought a dress and the cutest cardigan! 

The Cardigan is one of those long cardigans so it fits nicely and then the buttons are crystal... the first picture doesn't really show the color well but the second one does. 

And then we have my mannequin Tallulah modeling my dress... its really comfortable and loose and I like how it has a lower neckline then another dress I have like it. 

So I succesfully spent all of my money in about 20 minutes... isn't that nice. And we continued shopping but I couldn't get anything else as I only had about $5 left on my debit card!

Fashion Girl
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