Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nail Polish of the Week: Get Me To The Taj On Time

I know, I know... its late. But just think, I went 3 whole days with naked nails!  I just never had the time to sit down and do them, so I forced myself to do it last night. I didn't have much time, so I picked a lighter color of easier cleaning.

OPI's Get Me to the Taj on Time, is a pearly white color with the faintest bit of pink thrown in. I like it for a nude color, it doesn't have yellow in it which would give my nails a sickly color.

What I Wore

Get excited, another post! After a week of not having time, I'm catching up on all my posting. I went to a Jodi Arnold Trunk show this morning, this is what I wore.
Dress, Target
Sweater, Target
Shoes, Payless
Belt, XXI
Watch, Fossil
I had some hair issues this morning, I got this big bump on the side, I had to go back and fix that.
The trunk show was ok, the clothes were gorgeous but definitely out of my budget. We thought we were going to be able to meet Jodi Arnold the designer, but we just got a glimpse of her as she walked by. They were busy doing a run through for the fashion show tonight.

Beware of Frizz

Decided to do something a little different today, I decided to take the time out and straighten my hair.  Usually, I start out with washed hair, I blow dry and brush it out.
I always get questions to how my hair looks brushed out, there it is in all its frizzy glory.
Blow dried and brushed out.
To remind you what my hair started off as. 
Today, I used Chi Iron Guard Spray and Chi Infra Texture dual action hairspray, and my Chi Iron  and 45 minutes later, I get nice and straight locks.

And of course I couldn't be bothered to get my camera, or put on makeup for pictures. So you get computer pictures and scary no make up face. 
I'll throw in some goofing around pictures as well. But this week has been hectic again, mainly tests, work and projects all jumbled together. I got a picture of my mannequin with the block on, but it is stuck on my phone right now.

Tomorrow Should be exciting, I have an event where Designer Jodi Arnold will be attending and a display project for my Visual Merch class. I should have my camera with me, so get excited.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time Warp

 Recently we received some pictures in the mail from my Great Uncle.
Great Grandparent's wedding, December 26, 1929, Cuba. 
They feature my family in 1920s Cuba.
Great Grandmother
I find it really interesting to go back and look at styles and fashions of back in the day.
Great Grandmother
Fashion is constantly moving forward, but I love looking back to see where we have been.
The veil at my great grandmother's wedding is just amazing. I love the head piece, and I was surprised at the length of her dress.

This wedding guest stood out. I love that you can really see the silhouette of her dress, and she is one of the only ones were you can see what shoes she is wearing.

Even though the flower girl is turned away, you still get to see how sweet she looks with the adorable full skirt and puff sleeves.

These pictures really excited me for two reasons. First we don't really have many old family pictures so its something rare for me to see. Second, I love looking at old clothing and to see what my family was wearing back in the day is special.

As a special treat...
I had crazy curly hair from the start, 1992.
Me as a kid, I was adorable...

Starting off the fashionable thing young, 1992.
*Both of my pictures came from a scrapbook, that explains the caption and the colorful background.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You Mean Its Still Wednesday?

Last week was a blur.  I had taken outfit pictures one day, but never got a chance to post them.  So here it goes...
So, this was my outfit from my interview last Thursday. I finally didn't wear jeans to school, so I definitely had to do an outfit post. Although, I should have taken it before school, when I wasn't all wrinkled.
I wore my favorite J. Crew shirt, with an A-Line Old Navy skirt (I've had since high school), and grey patent ballet flats.
Notice the red nails against the purple shirt, I love wearing red with lavender, I just think its such a petty combination.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Nail Polish of the Week: Party In My Cabana

I feel insanely lame for not having updated in a week. In my defense it was a hectic week last week, but I'm just going to move on from that. There are a lot of things I want to say, but I'm going to just keep it to nail polish right now.
Trying to decide this week's color.
Seeing as Saturday was the first home game of the season, I decided to do some game day nails. So since our mascot is the Tigers, I decided to do tiger stripes... which are really zebra with a different background color. I used Sinful Colors' This Is It, with black stripes. I think I ended up a little too gold and it was more Saints than Tigers.
Tiger Stripes
While I got tons of compliments on my tiger nails, I decided I didn't want to walk around with them all week. I repainted my nails OPI's Party In My Cabana. Its a nice dark coral color, which I think is a good transition into fall.

I also painted my toes OPI's Pamplona Purple. It comes out such a pretty purple color.
What are your colors this week?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Nail Polish of the Week: Lacquered Up

This week I wanted to stay away from the blues. In my quest to find the right shade, I have just been wearing blue tones for weeks. Over the weekend I had Sinful Color's Gorgeous. Its a metallic sometimes blue sometimes green color.

But I changed it up Sunday night. I wanted to put on KnockOut this bright red color... the perfect red, from 17 by Boots. I got it when I went to England in high school. Sadly it was all clumpy and I just couldn't use it. 

So I settled for Essie's Lacquered Up. It is a great candy apple red color, but not as awesome as the red in Knockout, I so wish I had asked my friends to get another bottle for me when they were in England a few months ago. 
The pictures shows more orange that it really is. 
Anyways, this week seems to be very busy. I am working almost every night, and I have a special interview Thursday which I will tell you all about later. Its gearing up for a busy week, but I have some updates planned so hopefully I can stick to it. There might even be an outfit post this week. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Queen Bee

I hate bugs, but for some reason I don't mind them when it comes to jewelry. Especially if it's  a bumble bee...
Necklace- Topshop, Mirror-Vintage
Is it the fact that bees are the epitome of my favorite color combination, black and yellow? Or maybe the vintage feel of items containing them... Whatever it is bugs and bees seem to be okay for jewelry, even my wall gets some of the love. I have two bee illustrations in frames hanging above my dresser.

Crazy studying and work have been on the agenda all week. Leaving little time for postings... hence the short and sweet little post to display one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I have my first test this semester, tomorrow for my Product Development class, I am so unsure about what we will be tested on. I'm super nervous but hopefully everything will go smoothly.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shrouds of Muslin

Today I draped for the first time. We draped the front of the bodice to our dress forms today.  Betty, my dress form, was lookin' special.  I so wish I had a picture of me doing this and getting all frustrated when I didn't get it correct the first time. My biggest problem was that my muslin wasn't grain perfect when I started, so there was a point when I had to take everything down and just realign the grain to fix it.
The Coveted Wolf Dress Form
This is similar to Betty, but not her.
It is slow going now, I cannot wait for the day when making a pattern becomes more second nature and quicker.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Nail Polish of the Week: Flyin' High and Zebra toes

I have been crazy about teal lately, first I bought two new pairs of earrings, both teal, at Francesca's.

Then I painted my nails China Glaze's Flyin' High. It was my first time using China Glaze and I did like it. Its on par with OPI and Essie, I just didn't like the brush very much. Loved the color though, it is very similar to my bedroom wall color.
But then I went a little wilder and painted my toes Zebra, which earned me some compliments and some people asking how much I paid for it... free I did it myself!
It's so odd to take a picture of your own feet to put up on your blog, just saying.  But this weekend was okay, it was mainly spent working. I worked this morning then went to the outlets in the afternoon. I tried on some boots at Nine West, but didn't buy anything. Hopefully I can go shopping this week and find myself a new pair of boots!

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm Sorry, Do You Have an Issue?

In class the other day we spent at least 2 hours talking about fit, and how to go about tweaking a pattern to compensate for fit issues...
Set wrinkles, from the shirt fitting a little too tightly.
Well now all I can think about is what sort of fit issue people are having. I was reading a blog (I won't say which) but she had all sorts of fit issues going on with her top. I know I have fit issues, hell everyone has them. But its all i can think about now. I look at clothes and just see the set wrinkles pointing out these issues!

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