Thursday, October 22, 2009


I don't know if you know this fact...  it should be pretty much common knowledge. But if you happened to not know... I LOVE ruffles! 

I don't really know what it is about them, but it is love. And as midterms and busy bee-ness is winding down, I am starting to get back to the interwebs of fashion again. And I was hungrily taking in notcot this evening and came upon this amazing ruffled skirt!

The Precious Skirt in Electric Blue by Katy Rodriguez, $785,  is so gorg, it is truly to die for. The full ruffles and the amazing color!

I think it may just be the luscious romantic nature of the ruffle that I love so much. They remind you of an old love story. 

And while I am in love with this skirt... its price tag is anything but LOVE for a fashionista on a budget... so I did a little browsing... Trying to find something anything, that could live up to Katy Rodriguez's skirt but on a budget and I only found some sad attempts. Nothing that would live up to the amazing volume or color of this skirt... 

But here are the ruffly fruits of my skirt search:

First, I have the Strata dress from ModCloth $199.99
-I have mixed feelings about this dress, I am not sure if I like it or not. The thing that caught me about it, was how structured the top looks with its knife pleats it looks almost like armor then you get to the skirt and its full and voluminous with soft ruffles. 

Second, I have the Plum-struck dress, also from ModCloth $72.99
- I like this dress for its awesome color, and the ruffles it featured aren't perfect, they are young and flirtatious, different, much like those seen in the inspiration skirt. 

For a fun skirt I found this on from Forever 21, for $13.80. 
- I think the peplum gives it something fun and young, though not nearly as amazing as the original skirt. 

And for a classic look, inspired by this offbeat skirt, I found this AMAZING dress from J Crew
Ruffled Edelyn Lawn Dress, which was $118, but is now $98 
- in Shadow of course, I think it captures the softer, classic romantics of ruffles in a very prim and proper way

But in life news, I have been drawing figures and clothes in class, its so much fun yet stressful at the same time. And as i mentioned earlier midterms are pretty much done although mine spread out for like two weeks, but anyways school is starting to simmer down, so start to expect more posts from me! 

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Fall Holiday

So this past weekend was Fall holiday, giving us 2 days off of school. While it didn't really feel like fall... it was a nice and much needed break. 

Thursday my friends and I took a trip to New Orleans, did the whole French Market, Aquarium thing.

We went to a few cute shops, a music store. One of the stores we went into had a lot of vintage hats so we had an impromptu fashion show. 

Once back in town we went to this gelato place Latte e Miele, which had homemade gelato and it was awesome and there logo was gorgeous... I googled a picture of it...
Then we went out to 80s night that night, which was fun, but I had a headache before we got there, and the music wasn't as good as the last time we went. 

Then I went to see Whip it on Friday, and it was so good. I really enjoyed it, I think we should all go join roller derby teams..

The rest of the weekend was chill. I did a little baking... Mini cupcakes a la I helped a friend design Postsecrets for a gift for her bf. 

Oh and in my fashion design class, we have started figure drawing, and soon we will be creating our own lines. But my figure... looks pretty much like an alien... its blocked out right now.. but soon i will be fleshing it out... making it or attempting to make it human like. 

Friday, October 9, 2009

Nail Polish of the Week


Since its fall, and started to get a tiny bit cooler around here, I decided that it was time to venture away from bright pinks and other such colors and go to the dark side. 

Russian Navy is just what it says Navy, a nice deep navy and it looks really good against really pale skin... so its pretty much perfect for me. 

The first time I saw the color was in a magazine showing it in matte, and while I didn't get it in matte it just looked so rich and beautiful and it really popped against the model's porcelain skin tone.

 I think it also really makes the ring I wear everyday stand out. At least 3 people who see me often noticed my ring and thought it was new... when I have been wearing it almost everyday for a year. 
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