Monday, February 28, 2011


Currently, I'm in my second pattern making course and I am super excited because as our final project we get to design and make a dress. Even though the end of the semester is in May, we are already starting to get our designs finalized.

This is my working sketch, I'm still tweaking things, playing with armholes and things like that. 

I found this fabric at Mood which I really really really want to use, but its $14 a yard, and on top of an underlay, lining and notions... it would make the dress really expensive. So I'm going to have to really think, maybe look around for something cheaper, and start saving. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wedding Bells!

Anna & J 
are getting Married!

So Anna and J are finally getting married! With Anna planning on going to Law School in the fall, we must delve right into wedding planning. The wedding is slated for June 2012 and the venues have been narrowed down to two. 

The first, is Boudreaux's, it offers an endless buffet, a wedding coordinator, use of candles, some florals, and overall is a very large space. Like every place, it has it's downfalls; its an older venue,and the location is  not ideal as it isn't close to a hotel. 

The second venue, Lod Cook Alumni Center, is located on the LSU campus, with a wonderful view of the LSU lakes. It is a newer venue, with a hotel just steps away, its located pretty close to the church as well. The downfalls of Lod Cook include, no wedding coordinator, not allowed to use candles, and no decorations are included. 

So, leave your thoughts, and suggestions in the comments!  

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