Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting Ready For A New Year!

I just arrived home from a week long vacation to Florida... It was an interesting week...

The first day we get there, the day before Christmas Eve, I made the silly mistake of venturing into the mall... I bought a gorgeous pair of Nine West shoes, but the mall was insanely packed.

Then on the way to my cousin's house, my cousin, little sister and I get into a car accident. We were stopped at a red light and the other car slammed into us.

We spent the night at the ER getting X-rays, we are all fine, but my back definitely still hurts.

I took pain killers and pretty much slept through Christmas eve, but not before getting all dressed up.
My Nephew Matthew and I getting ready for Noche Buena!

We spent Christmas Day at my Aunt's house, I got makeup and clothes.  And forgot to take pictures.

 Since, most people were either sick or sore from a certain car accident, I spent most of the trip just hanging out with my nephew.
And I got my Michael Kors watch!

Horrible picture of my beautiful MK watch. 
15hrs later, and we are home! Ellie and Lolly slept most of the trip

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nail Polish of the Week: Stealing the Scene

I know it has been a while, but truthfully I didn't paint my nails for about a month. GASP! Last week I went with Stealing the Scene from Essie its a metallic mixture of silver and gold... and after a while it just looked completely silver.  Nevertheless, its a great festive color.
And I misplaced my camera... so Iphone pictures for now. 

This week, I have my KISS Everlasting French Manicure going. I haven't grown tired of it yet and popped them all off, hopefully I'll keep them on a full week this time.

And my toes are a lovely shade of Envy, which looked especially festive with my red peep-toe flats. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It Lifts and Separates

 I may have mentioned, I've been consumed with school lately continuously working on projects. Well, this week as the semester draws to an end, so do my projects.

I think my favorite, but most intense class this semester has been pattern making. I spent many nights and countless hours in the classroom working hard on my patterns. My pattern work, wasn't as good as I would have liked. So when given the chance to challenge myself I went for it.

Our final project was to make a bustier foundation garment. We had to make a bustier with princess seams, or we could make a bustier with bra cups, which was a bit harder.

After my first sew up, I was starting to regret my decision. As you can see, the muslin was HUGE on Betty.
But it really wasn't that bad, it only had to be taken in... a lot. I did two complete muslin sew ups,  then the canvas/final sew up. I then had to replace a whole piece of the canvas, because apparently Betty is lopsided. I added a bra (a padded fabric, which we had to make ourselves) and some boning.... 
I am so incredibly happy with how it turned out! While I'm happy to have some free time, I already can't wait to get back to pattern making in the Spring!
bustier back

bustier class1
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