Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Semester in Review

So with the Spring semester coming to an end, I am thoroughly excited and stressed out. I'm currently busy preparing for final exams, the little sister's graduation and my upcoming New York trip.

But I've already turned in my final project, made my last speeches, gone to my last classes, and its pretty much all down hill now.

This semester I took my first college level sewing class, and I loved it! We made some samples, I learned some new techniques... I got to sew on an industrial machine... my classroom is very reminiscent of the work room on Project Runway... complete with harried students rushing around trying to get their labs turned in on time.

But I pretty much aced that class, I love love love to sew, sew it was right up my alley.

This semester I took a public speaking class... which the teacher was cool, but I'm just not destined to be the next great orator of our time.  I took a political science class, which i will never make that mistake again. English was one of my favorite classes, apparently unicorns are indigenous to Alabama.  I also took a theatre class, where I pretty much learned nothing about theatre but I had to go see five shows. Which I figured out how they get people to go to the School productions... they are all graded on it.

But overall it was an ok semester. Even though I had to take more filler classes and less fashion related classes than I would like.

Now I am ready for summer... New York and more fashion.
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